Rising to the challenge – Our first Alpha

What a launch!

Welcome to our review of Coreborn – Nations of the Ultracore’s first Alpha Weekend! We dove headfirst into this adventure during the first weekend of March, finally sharing with the world what we’ve been working on for months. And let us tell you, the response has been nothing short of amazing. 

As game devs, we poured our hearts and souls into designing a world that previously only existed in our minds, and sharing this with you has been an emotional rollercoaster for us all.

Seeing it come to life in front of so many players was both humbling and rewarding and it was amazing to know that something we have created resonates with so many of you and brings joy to your lives.

Bugs, bugs, bugs (and a few server wipes)

The week leading up to the launch was a blur of testing, bug-fixing, and tweaking. We wanted to ensure that everything was as smooth and enjoyable as possible. And boy, did we get more than we bargained for! The sheer number of players who joined us on this journey to Ambros exceeded our wildest dreams. It was an overwhelming yet exhilarating experience for everyone involved.

Of course, as for every alpha launch, there were some bumps in the road. Our servers were put to the test, bugs were found and we had to wipe some progress you made to test tweaks and tunes to our Game Design features for you to check out.  But we want to thank all of you for your feedback and support. We’re committed to improving and refining the game, and we’re excited to take this journey with all of you!

Stats, stats, stats!

Looking at boring numbers might not be your cup of tea, but we’ve got some exciting stats that’ll blow your mind! During our Alpha, we opened the gates to 10,000 players. If all of you stood in a line, you would’ve covered a distance of 5.5 kilometers – that’s as long as three and a half football fields combined! And get this, over 18,000 players applied for our Steam Alpha launch. If we stacked all of you on top of each other, the human tower would be three and a half times taller than the Empire State Building! Can you imagine the view from the top?

Now, let’s talk about the juicy details of your in-game activities. You gathered over 230,000 resources, with twigs and plant fiber being the most popular ones. It’s no surprise that you guys went for the basics to start your Coreborn journey, but if you pooled your resources, you could’ve built an entire fortress to fend off Sorgoth!

It seems like you developed a liking for taking down the Oropala, as they were the most targeted enemies in PvE. Maybe it was for their resin or their adorable little faces – who knows? What we do know is that they were defeated twice as often as the Feydveer, who came in as the second most targeted enemy. And let’s remember all the hilarious names you came up with for the Oropala – Cheesebeaver has a special place in our hearts now!

Did you have a sweet tooth during the Alpha? We can tell you that Ruuberries were the most popular berries to collect, closely followed by Plumquats. But your ultimate go-to food item? Mushrooms, of course! The three berries combined couldn’t beat these chewy, savory forest treats.

Lastly, we were thrilled to see that you guys enjoyed creating towns. In fact, three times as many buildings were set up within town borders, compared to outside. With such dedication and teamwork, Sorgoth doesn’t stand a chance!

Our resumee

As for the gameplay itself, we saw players diving headfirst into everything Coreborn has to offer. From farming and crafting to hunting and exploring, you all made the most of your time in Ambros. And while the Oropala may have been the top target for PvE, there were plenty of other creatures to hunt and gather resources from. The variety of resources you collected and the towns you built showed just how much creativity and dedication you all put into your gameplay experience.

Overall, the alpha launch of Coreborn – Nations of the Ultracore was an incredible experience for us as game developers and for all the players who joined us on this journey. We are excited to keep working on the game and creating an even better experience for everyone. Thank you for your support; we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Coreborn.

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