Bandits of Ambros

Patch Notes, 2023-12-04

Bandits of Ambros

Hello fellow Coreborn, today is the day! Our next update, The Bandits of Ambros is live. Below you can find an overview of what awaits you.

As the sun finally rises and sets over the vibrant nation of Ambros, a new force stirs. The “Bandits of Ambros” update introduces a tale of rebellion and power struggles.

These Bandits, once mere Hedonists like others in Ambros, now reject the established order. Disillusioned, they prey on those not following their rebellious mentality, driven by a desire for power, a sense of injustice, and raw ambition. They are not just thieves in the night; they are revolutionaries in plain sight, challenging the status quo and seeking to rewrite the rules of power and prestige.

Their emergence has sent ripples across Ambros, challenging every Hedonist to reconsider their place in this world. The Bandits do not hide in the shadows; they are as much a part of the day as the sun above, making their presence felt across the landscape.

The Bandits’ Rebellion

As you journey through Ambros, the once familiar pathways and bustling marketplaces now whisper tales of the Bandits’ uprising. Clad in their muted attire of greys and browns, these rebels stand in stark defiance against the gilded excess of their former lives.

Each encounter with them isn’t just a clash of steel; it’s a confrontation with a new ideology, a challenge to the established order of Ambros. You’ll meet three types: the powerful Greatsword Wielders, the cunning Pot Throwers, and the strategic Captains. These Bandits bring a smarter, group-based combat style that’s different from your previous encounters with creatures. They also introduce poison in combat, adding a new layer to your battles.

Keep an eye out for their drops, especially the Moonstone Greatsword and Bracelet, along with other unique items.

A Tactical Edge

As you engage with these Bandits, you’ll discover the Stagger System, a new rhythm in the dance of combat! Just picture this: with each consecutive hit, your enemies stagger, their movements faltering. Now is your chance for increased damage and leaving them vulnerable and unable to act for a moment. This system adds depth to your fights, especially useful in handling groups of Bandits.

For now, it’s exclusive to these new foes, but expect to see it expanded to other enemies in future updates.

The Return of the Moonstones

In this update, the moonstones take on a new significance in Ambros. No longer just a glint in the night, they’ve become a key resource.

The Moonstone Greatsword is a highlight – not only does it pack a serious punch, but it also carries an air of elegance.

The Moonstone Jewelries are more than just a stylish accessory: they enhance your abilities, giving you an edge in battle. And for your treasures, the Moonstone Treasure Chest offers both security and a touch of finesse to your town.

Battle with Style

Stepping into the realm of combat jewelry, you’ll find new ways to boost your powers.

Rings and earrings made from Moonstone, Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire aren’t just for showing off – they’re practical, giving you a boost in combat.

This first batch of jewelry is just the beginning, laying the base for a more complex accessory system in the future.

Thank You

Again of course, with a new update, there’s the possibility that some bugs sneaked their way into the game. If you stumble across one, please make sure to report them via our support desk in our Discord:

Have fun!


  • Introduction of three new enemy types: Greatsword Bandit, Pot Thrower Bandit, and Bandit Captain
  • Introduction of dynamic group combat system. Bandits will form groups and engage based on the group composition
  • Introduction of the new stagger system to Bandit combat. Consecutive hits build up pressure to stagger targets
  • Implementation of poison to Bandit combat. Targets poisoned get a debuff with damage ticks over time
  • Polished VFX for Nocturnal Creatures

New Equipment

  • Added the Moonstone Greatsword as a new weapon
  • Added the Moonstone Bracelet as new equipment
  • Added Jewelry as additional accessories


  • Added new resources and crafting ingredients (moonstone, gemstones and more)
  • Re-worked antidote items to counteract newly added poison
  • Added new recipes for equipment, food and consumables


  • Added background blur in menus
  • Crafting stations now only display the associated recipes


  • Adjusted rough landing animation to trigger only when players receive fall damage

Quality of life improvements

  • Added a recipe shortcut button to the crafting menu
  • Added a “Remove all” button to the inventory
  • Added a new camera mode for the town center placement


  • Fixed a bug that caused wheat to spawn slightly above ground
  • Fixed an issue where creatures sometimes did not correctly rotate towards players when attacking
  • Fixed a crash when placing a vase from the PBS menu
  • Fixed an issue where creatures didn’t change to their night behavior right away
  • Adjusted the skill requirements of some lamps to not be unlocked before you can place them
  • Deprecated Elixir of Poison Resistance items
  • Storage, town center and crafting station menus now close when you walk away
  • Fixed one case where player inputs could get blocked
  • Fixed an issue where building pieces couldn’t be built with a full inventory
  • Fixed a bug during town attacks that could lead to players losing the town under very specific conditions

Known issues

  • Very rarely player inputs can still get blocked. Relogging usually resolves this issue

We hope you enjoy this Coreborn Patch Update and take the opportunity re-explore the lands of Ambros. As always, don’t hesitate to your share your thoughts.

Your Blankhans Team

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