Build of Dreams Contest

Greetings, Tormentosia!

As we previously mentioned, there is to be a second, final wipe taking place to prepare for the release of Liquid Meadows. We can’t begin to thank you enough for your patience during this initial wiped period in helping us gather valuable information on server stability. Now… let’s get to something really fun!

To encourage your creativity, we’ve been discussing a contest to take place during this period before the next wipe. Discussion time is officially over and building/contest time is now!

Build of Dreams

Do you think you have what it takes to be crowned the best, creative builder in Coreborn? Now’s your chance to prove it with this building contest! We’re calling all of Ambros to flex their creative, town-building muscles to craft the most impressive town!

Theme: Community

Sorgoth took away the comforts of Tormentosia and you’re bringing it back. So, we’re looking for towns that are focused on showcasing the strength of rebuilding communities. What does this mean to you? Can you build a school? An auditorium? A convenience store? A hotel? A public park? A neighborhood? Make Ambros bustling once again before the arrival to Liquid Meadows!

To participate, adhere to the following rules:

  • You can only use Lightwood or Stone-based materials; any other materials will result in a disqualification (this rule also applies for structural integrity) The reason for this is because they are the base, most readily-available materials for every person on Coreborn; this puts everyone at the same starting point
  • You cannot use holiday/event parts
  • You must have 2-or-more structures built in your town—we’re looking for creative towns, after all, not houses
  • Higher tier workbenches are allowed for decorative purposes
  • You can use any of the furniture, but lamps are also restricted to just wood and stone
  • There will be (2) winners from each of the Official Coreborn servers, and (1) winner from a Single-Player server, for (3) Winners TOTAL
    • The (2) winners from the Official Coreborn servers will be split into two categories:
      • Solo Projects – no additional members/outside help
      • Group Projects – towns with 2 or more participants
  • You will submit a picture and/or video of your Town’s final product and location on the map via Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Threads, or Steam Discussions
    • Pictures (.png, ,jpeg, .jpg) and Video (.mp4, .mov, .mkv) formats. For video files, please keep them under 200MB, 1920×1080 preferred
    • Make sure you and your name + your town’s name/members are in the media with the town present
  • You must upkeep the maintenance of your build until the deadline (i.e.: cannot build it, then let it go to waste, and let it disappear/lose ownership)
  • The more creative, the higher your chance of winning; biggest builds does not mean best build

The deadline for this building contest is: June 16, 2024, 12a PDT.

Judging will be handled by the Blankhans staff. The declared winners will have their names inscribed on the description of a brand new item: a golden builder’s apron, no matter who wears it on any server. This apron will be available to everyone, sure, but the description will have the winner’s names listed so that no matter who wears it, [potential winners] will always be acknowledged. As of the time of this ruling, the apron is purely cosmetic, but if that changes, you’ll know.

If you have any questions, please direct them to us via social channels, our Discord, or

Thank you and good luck!

– Your Blankhans Team

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Build of Dreams Contest

Greetings, Tormentosia! As we previously mentioned, there is to be a second, final wipe taking place to prepare for the release of Liquid Meadows. We

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